Shari Dyer
Shari Dyer

Keigan Productions is a company dedicated to producing excellent, high quality, low cost videos for individuals and companies. The videos are usually produced using a team of two or three while in production, while the initial consultation, directing and editing is done by the owner, Shari Dyer

Dyer has been involved in photography for most of her adult life, and in professional videography since 2003. She is a popular instructor of Final Cut Pro X at Berkeley Community Media in Berkeley, CA.

"Shari is the best audio/video producer I've ever encountered. She has full command from set-up to camera to post-production processing to reproduction and all the right gear for the best results. In addition to the projects she has done for me, I've seen multiple video and audio products from her efforts, all top cut. I fully endorse anyone considering services in this area to hire Shari." (John Shinn, Founder and President at

"Shari is highly creative, committed to excellence and well-experienced in her field. Her innate sensitivity guides her in the editing process so that others will feel inspired by the film. She is enthusiatic and fun to work with." (Rita Marie Johnson, founder of The Connection Practice)

"Shari is someone that can with ease put together any project set before her. Her knowledge is broad and encompasses many facets in her field. When she explains to the layman, she does so that all can understand and visa versa. She listens and is able to carry out the assignment and the end product is one of beauty and satisfaction. She has a glow of enjoyment whenever she speaks of her work. She is enjoyable to be around and to listen to." (Sonia Caris, owner, Cariskauken)

On Teaching Final Cut Pro X:

"The class was very helpful and informative. With the first hour I learned several tips and tricks which will streamline my editing process" (Evie)
"Very patient. Overall, a very good intro into FCPX and a very good experience." (Matt)
"Very informative hands on class. I liked it lots." (CoCo)