Give the gift of your story to your family.
Let generations after you know of your life and times.
Celebrate a loved one's life.

Your Personal History:
We all want to be remembered. The best way to do this is by video. Show who you are, how you grew up, your family, your triumphs, your times and your trials. Speak to your children's children. Share your insights, experience and passions. Let them see you, not just a picture of you.

You, your memories, photographs, writings, and family will all be beautifully and professionally presented for you on a DVD, YouTube, or on Vimeo, where you can download and keep your video safe through the years and also share the link with family and friends.

You have a choice of allowing only some people to see your online personal history, or to allow it to be open to the public. It's totally up to you.

A Life Remembered:
Let the beauty and memories of someone you love be captured forever in a timely, sensitive and professional fashion. 

We offer three packages for Personal Histories and Memorials:

Bronze: A basic On-Camera interview of you telling yours or your loved one's story. The footage is edited to remove unwanted material and titled.

This can also be a story of an event or experience, or a short In Depth interview of you. The In Depth interviews are especially powerful and meaningful to those you love. $299

Silver: This includes full editing and effects, an On-Camera interview of one person, using two cameras when possible, the inclusion of photos, awards, certificates, personal film clips, music (royalty free),
graphics and animation where appropriate, research and use of relevant historical footage, subtitles and titles. $499

Gold: Includes all of the Silver Package, and On-Camera interviews of up to three local family members and/or friends, or the inclusion of an In-Depth interview. $599
YOU have final say on the production and distribution of the video. If there is something in the interview that you don't want to have in the final product, it does not get in. You can ask for up to three corrections to your video.

Payment is in three parts - an initial deposit of a third of the cost, a payment of the second third after the interview and final payment after the completed video is approved by you.

Travel expenses outside the San Francisco Bay Area are extra.

FREE Pre-Interview Consultation: This is how I find out about what you want, let you know what to expect in during an interview, and allow you get comfortable with me.

It also lets me to see where I can conduct the interview, advise you on how to look your best for the camera, and learn what materials and research you have available.