Elaine Aron
A Talk on High Sensitivity

This is awesome. I was always an incredibly shy & sensitive child. My mom would always make me feel guilty about how shy I was, and my family would tease me about my sensitivity. Now I don't feel so bad about it.

This video changed my life.

Stefania Czech
Thank you so much Elaine Aron, I now feel like I understand my unique brand of MEness!

Molly Sato
Thank you so much for this! So much has become clearer to me of who I am and why.. So much..
Much love and blessings ♥

Beautiful, Empowering talk.

Remembering Terry Dobson

Greg O'Connor, 6th Dan, Chief Instructor
Aikido Centers of New Jersey

"What a beautiful tribute to Terry and what a gift to those of us who were and still are inspired by him. This is a gift also to those who never had the chance to receive his guidance so that they may be inspired now. Terry taught the true essence of O Sensei's Aikido taking Aikido's basic forms and showing how to use them to go beyond to the transcendence possible with our own individual humanity."

Michael Friedl. 6th Dan
Chief instructor, Aikido of Ashland

"The newest DVD 'Remembering Terry Dobson'  is a treasure.  For those of you who knew Terry, you will see him at his finest.  The film captures one of the last classes Terry taught before he died.  His love for Aikido is evident in his facial expressions and his interactions with the students.  He really wanted people to get what O'Sensei had given him.  He spoke of O'Sensei with such love and respect.  It was heartwarming to listen to Terry's voice and watch his facial expression and body language, and truly feel the emotional bond that Terry had with O'Sensei.  Terry also made it very clear that life is real and Aikido is real.   Personal space may consists of inches from an opponent as opposed to being a car width apart.

For Aikidoist who have never had the opportunity to meet Terry, but know of him, you are in for a treat.   Terry was ahead of his time is the best way I would described what he did.   Terry did not prescribed to ikkyo, nikkyu, sankyu, etc in the traditional sense.  He let things unfold and a touch here or there would take an uke's balance and he/she would meet the mat so fast that you could not tell what happened.  His ability to move his body in a very efficient manner is remarkable.  Terry was of ill health when teaching this class.  And yet outside of moving slowly as he went form group to group to give instruction, he appeared energized by the people , his surroundings, and the excitement of sharing of sharing his Aikido with family.  Terry treated all Aikidoist as family.  He could be difficult, in your face, and also funny and compassionate.  Many facets of his personality shine through this video.  A must for any Aikido library.

Clyde Takaguchi  7th Dan  
Chief Instructor, Capital Aikikai

"Terry was truly before his time and his emphasis on the intensity and commitment of the uke and nage is great. 

The DVD is a good reminder of Terry, his method of teaching and interacting with the class and with individual students."

An Aikido Seminar with Terry Dobson

Marion Dobson DeForest (daughter)

We love love love it. It's a gift to have him live, alive, in a
way we haven't had; thank you.
Riki Moss
Yes! I can't believe how well he looks, how easily he taught.
It's a real joy to have this image of him.

James Friedman, Chief Instructor, Suginami Aikido Dojo
I really enjoyed the DVD. It really made me miss Terry, we were very close those last five years. Thanks so much. (The seminar was given at Friedman Sensei's dojo.)
Ellis Amdur: Ukemi From The Ground Up

Review Date: Mar 30, '05 Recommend? yes
Pros: 100% Instructive
Cons: Too short! it makes you want to track him down for more!
I recently ordered the dvd. The first time I tried to order it, I totally messed it up and my order did not go through. Mr. Amdur kindly emailed me himself to notify me of this and helped me get it right. i received the dvd promptly (a few days) and popped it in. This dvd is a sure thing. It is perhaps the most instructive dvd I have ever owned. It is more than just demonstrational (which is what a lot of "instructional" videos really are: demonstrations of prowess), it is genuinely instructive. It is also the most straight-forward, safe, and logical approach to ukemi and teaching ukemi I have ever seen period. I fancy myself a decent uke if nothing else, but if I had the this video when I was first starting out, I know I would be leaps and bounds (no pun intended) ahead of my current skill level. Mr. Amdur, I am more than satisfied with your dvd and I look forward to furture releases. I gave it a "9" only because I'm greedy and I would have loved for the DVD to be 7 hours long. Alas...
Excerpts from
The edited seminar format used in this production is a nice format for instructional media of this type, since it contains not only demonstrations and instructions, but also troubleshooting problems encountered with others at the seminar.
This DVD is targeted primarily at supplementing the ukemi methods of those already studying aikido. The fundamental corrections and insights offered are - in theory - fundamental to taking proper falls in any art, but will probably be of most value to those studying the post-war lines of aikido. Pre-war lines of aikido, such as Yoshinkan, tend to include much if not most of the same practical aspects as those being offered on this DVD, in the experience of this reviewer. However, Amdur's lucid and logical explanations of these points would more than likely benefit anyone who has room for improvement in their ukemi or who is interested in improving their own method of teaching it. Also missing in the majority of aikido instruction are solo and partnered rolling/breakfall exercises common in arts like judo and traditional jujutsu, some of which are also demonstrated on this DVD. Such drills are extremely useful tools for obtaining physical feedback to incorrect technique and for improving muscle memory. As such, early instruction in drills of this type prior to moving on to applied methods can save newer students a lot of time and injury, as well as reduce instructor liability.
I found this DVD to be interesting and well presented, and believe it would make a valuable learning aid for anyone studying combative arts (everyone studying martial arts ends up on the ground at some point in their training). In my opinion, such instruction should already exist within the various lines of aikido, so for those aikido purists who are concerned with "tainting" the Founder's vision, I would encourage them to instead look at these fundamentals as "re-discovering" something that the Founder himself surely knew (being an exponent of traditional jujutsu himself prior to creating aikido).
Amdur is a highly qualified, senior instructor in classical Japanese martial arts, and has ample experience and insights in the subject to produce such materials publicly. You'll be in good hands with this DVD.
The video itself was filmed during a seminar that Amdur Sensei conducted in California. Because it is in a dojo setting, you get not only his instruction to the students present, but also an opportunity to see how he interacts with them and answers the very same questions that most of us might have under such circumstances. He stops during the instruction to point out common errors and to troubleshoot problems as they occur. As a result, you have an experience that is as close to actually “being there” as you can get from a video.
In conclusion, the verdict on Ukemi: From The Ground Up is a definite “must have” for instructors and students of arts that include throwing techniques.
Dennis Hooker: Zanshin and Ma-ai in Aikido
Review by Toby Threadgill, Kaicho
Takamura ha Sindo Yoshin Kai
This video produced by Keigan Productions is excellent. It is well lit, filmed, edited and the sound quality very good. Being a professional photographer myself, I recognize that these technical aspects are all too often overlooked by many in the field of offering limited production videos for public consumption. Kudo’s to producer Shari Dyer for her effort and high standards.
On Mr Hooker....
I must say it is refreshing to observe a DVD on aikido where the instructor is so matter of fact in conveying important budo theory. Hooker sensei, in a relaxed and easy going manner covers various important aikido principles with competence and aplomb. His teaching methodology proceeds in a way that speaks to a wide array of practitioners because it presents complex material in an easy to digest format. I especially appreciated his explanation of how seemingly passive movement is frequently misinterpreted in the greater aikido community. Hooker sensei competently demonstrates how what appears to be passive is actually active, and that this type of engagement is a superior means of applying technique. I also appreciated Hooker sensei’s demonstration of how aikido principles are connected to basic sword application. This really completes the circle for a guy like me, steeped in classical kenjutsu. Without an appreciation of how aikido waza has origins in swordwork, practitioners all too often allow technique to morph into a form of budo dance disconnected from its historical and technical roots. Hooker sensei’s whole approach to aikido conveys the idea that budo must first be a martial pursuit, and then a philosophical one. I couldn’t agree more.
A guy like Dennis Hooker is a real gem for those in the aikido community. He has trained long and hard to develop the talents he offers thru his seminars and this DVD. I think this work is of great value for those individuals interested in aikido theory, regardless of rank or affiliation.
Toby Threadgill / Kaicho
Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Kai
Review by Jim Alverez, Fifth Dan
Chief Instructor, Aikido of Livermore

Upon viewing this instructional DVD I was struck by just how closely the thoughts and training principles that Hooker Sensei touches on are very much what I have been trying to follow in my own training. That being said it is at the same time validating and encouraging hearing these thoughts and training principles spoken from such an illustrious teacher. If you are hearing these for the first time it may be validating your reasons for starting Aikido and encouraging you to continue. If they echo your own thoughts it is a like a gentle push down the Aikido path you are on.
Hooker Sensei starts from basic katate-dori and how uke should grab and why, to how to keep this type of grab from being successful by making good connection with uke. From that point he goes into the advantages of a good uke/nage relationship, emphasizing this relationship through some great weapons work using both sword and jo.
Hooker Sensei gives superb demonstrations of basic Aiki principles applicable to all aspects of your training. There are valuable pearls of wisdom from this experienced teacher sprinkled throughout this exceptional DVD. He also expounds on the theme that Aikido is a way to make us and our training partners better human beings. For me this DVD offers an excellent way to increase your overall understanding of Aikido and it rich depth.
It is a well-made, professional DVD with great camera angles and clear sound quality. A must have for your DVD library.
Review by Linda Holiday, Sixth Dan
Chief Instructor, Aikido of Santa Cruz
In this DVD, Dennis Hooker teaches with heartfelt conviction, solidly based on his decades of Aikido experience.  He gives both verbal and physical instruction, going beyond mechanistic techniques into the realm of principle, while staying firmly grounded in the practical benefits of Aikido training.  I appreciated Hooker Sensei’s many engaging exhortations, such as to “stop standing still!”---to move from “reactive Aikido” to “proactive Aikido”---and to “jump out of the car before it goes over the cliff”. 
Keigan Productions provides us with crystal-clear sound and close-up instructional sequences, with no distracting elements, so Hooker Sensei’s positive insights and training tips are easily absorbed.
Stories of O-Sensei
Review by Richard Strozzi-Heckler, 6th Dan
Chief Instructor, Two Rocks Aikido, Petaluma, California
Author of "The Leadership Dojo"

Accompanied by rare photos, Frager Sensei who studied with O'Sensei offers a very personal and deeply spiritual look into the teachings and life of O'Sensei. These stories and reminiscences reflect the depth, compassion, and power of the founder of Aikido, Master Ueshiba.

The Five Rings of Miyamoto Musashi and Aikido
Review by Louis Jumonville, 5th Dan
Chief Instructor, Hikari Dojo, Concord, CA
This DVD of Bob Frager Sensei 7th Dan was filmed live at a seminar in which I was fortunate enough to participate. It truly captures the inspiring joy, humor and passion that permeate Frager Sensei’s instruction. It is very thought provoking and can provide beginning and advanced students alike much to ponder and explore in their practice. Here, Frager Sensei explains and demonstrates the relationships and methods of expressing the five elements during Aikido keiko. Aikidoka of all levels can readily see Frager Sensei demonstrate the different forms that Aikido techniques take, depending on the primary element being expressed at that time. I really appreciated that Frager Sensei took great care in stressing that each element and the forms that they take are equally valid, and that different situations during training and daily life provide us all the opportunities to respond in our own unique way.
In addition, the stories that Frager Sensei tells of sitting and training with Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido are told with such reverence and love that whoever watches, will undoubtedly experience some of the mystery that Frager Sensei experienced while training with the O’Sensei. I highly recommend this video!

George Ledyard: Basic Principles of the Sword
The First Five Kumitachi of Saotome Shihan

From Kayla Feder

6th Dan
Aikido of Berkeley

I recently had the opportunity to watch George Ledyard's newest DVDS, produced by Shari Dyer (Keigan Productions). It was well filmed.
I was inspired by many of his points during the seminar. Ledyard Sensei was intsructing, so he was in training mode and was able to get across some important information. The DVDs seemed helpful for beginners and advanced practitioners, as well as for those looking for inspiring ideas, pointers and/or insight into sword practice.
I have been a student of Aikido for the last thirty plus years, and picked up tools from this DVD that have been helpful in teaching the bokken as well as teaching ways of looking at training in general. For instance, Ledyard Sensei says that when you offer your hand, you are not really offering it to ask your partner or opponent to grab, but rather you offer your hand to draw out their spirit.
The only thing I would have like to have been different is to see more of him just moving with his partners. I would (highly) recommend this DVD to all Aikido students.
Note from the producer: If you have a submenu button on your remote, you can flick back and forth from the video to the submenu, where the full movement for each kumitachi is demonstrated by Ledyard Sensei and Kevin Lam. This use of the submenu button is available in all Keigan Production DVDs.