Elaine Aron PhD.
A Talk on High Sensitivity
Dr. Elaine Aron, clinical and research psychologist, discusses the Highly Sensitivity Person (HSP), including the research done, skills for coping with the trait, and answering questions from the audience.
NTSC, Running time: 95 min.

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A Live Seminar on Psychotherapy and
The Highy Sensitive Person

with Dr. Elaine N. Aron

This seminar is recorded on three discs, with a CD disc of extra information completing the set. Reorded at the Gronowski Institute on Los Altos, CA, it is a course for mental health professionals. Anyone can purchase the set, of course, but it does assume some knowledge of mental health terms.
If you are a mental health professional who would like to be listed on the Dr. Aron's website as being knowledgeable about high sensitivity, you can take an easy test while you watch the video. Please visit her website.
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Remembering Terry Dobson

Two videos on one disc:
1. The Pt. Reyes Video - a remastering of the original VHS tape made in 1992 - one of the last seminars Terry ever gave.

2. Memories - interviews remembering this extraordinary direct student of O-Sensei by nine students who knew and trained with Terry Dobson.

Included are stories of the early years by Sensei Ellis Amdur and Sensei Frederic C. Rowell, recollections of the California years with Suzanne Rudiger, Shari Dyer,  Sensei Tom Gambell and Sensei Jim Alvarez, and narratives of Terry's later years in Vermont with Sensei Edward Pincus, Sensei Benjamin Pincus, and Sensei Aaron Ward.  
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An Aikido Seminar with Terry Dobson

This DVD presents the quintessential Terry Dobson: his stories, his passion, his insights into Aikido, his heart and his humor.

It was edited from a student 1990 VHS video of a seminar held in San Francisco. The video is color corrected, making for a much better viewing experience than was on the original tape. As a supplement to the DVD, a free transcription of the seminar is offered to you. Please request the transcript using our Contact link.

For all those who knew Terry Dobson, for all those who wish they had trained with this remarkable man, and for all those who want to understand more about the depth of Aikido - this DVD is for you.

Special Features: scene selections, a biography, a tribute by Robert Bly, and more.

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Zanshin and Ma-ai in Aikido

Dennis Hooker Sensei, 6th Degree Black Belt at the time, and the late Chief Instructor of Shindai Dojo, Orlando Florida, addresses the basic principals of connection, timing and spacial relationships in Aikido. Using empty hand techniques as well as use of the short staff and sword to illustrate these concepts, Hooker Sensei teaches with wonderful clarity and purpose. His teachings will stay with the student long after watching this seminar.   

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Ukemi From The Ground Up
with Ellis Amdur, author of "Dueling wih O-Sensei"

This DVD offers a step-by-step procedure to learn and/or instruct safe aikido ukemi. Whether entirely new to the art, or desiring to retool one’s skills, the methods here will enable any reasonably fit practitioner to be able to take falls in aikido (and other similar arms-length grappling systems) safely.

The methods here are not merely to assist in learning how to collude with the person executing the technique these methods enable one to be prepared and able to gracefully manage both the malevolent and the inept as well as skilled practitioner executing ordinary technique.
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Stories of O-Sensei
Robert Frager Sensei, 7th Dan, shares his wonderful stories of his training with the founder, Morihei Ueshiba

Aikido and the Five Rings of Miyamoto Musashi
Dr. Robert Frager, psychologist and direct student of O-Sensei, explores the application of Musashi's Five Rings to training in Aikido.


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The Sword
with George Ledyard 6th Dan

A Two Disc Set

Disc 1: Basic Principles
of the Sword

Disc 2: The First Five Kumitachi
of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan



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Applying The Universal Laws:
The Secrets of Conscious Creation

Ancient wisdom, recent scientific discoveries, psychic revelations and spiritual adepts from many paths tell us that we are creative beings bringing forth our world through and amazing set of laws.

Very few people have conscious knowledge of these powerful secrets of creation. This DVD set is a video taping of David McArthur's breakthrough program that presents these powerful and tested laws into the real world. A two disc set.
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